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Univ. of Mary Washington - Mens Soccer
Univ. of Mary Washington - Mens Soccer

Eagles Soccer Academy At University of Mary Washington

College Prep Camp
The Eagles Soccer Academy provides soccer players with an opportunity to focus on their skill development in a fun and relaxing environment. The camp provides an experienced staff, which will feature small groups focused on individual technique and small-sided games. Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to sharpen your skills or just beginning, our academy is a great opportunity to learn more about soccer while having fun.

The game is the most important element in our program. We believe the game is the best teacher. The use of futsal (small- sided game/ originated in Brazil) will create game- like situations that increase touches on the ball and replicate the actual game. Small-sided soccer develops individual technique and helps players understand the more intricate aspects of team play. For players of all ages and abilities, the excitement of competing in small-sided soccer is forever a favorite.

Our goal is to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience and enhances their individual skills. We believe fun and excitement combined with learning produces the optimal results. Our staff will share their knowledge and passion for the game which will motivate campers to improve their own game. It is our hope that campers gain new skills, polish existing ones, and make new friends!